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[Job Adv.] Taming the Polearm
NPC Maha
Category Aran
Available Something must be wrong with the Maha. What's going on, you wonder? Why is he in so much pain?
In Progress Maha confesses that, because he spent the last few hundred years without a master, the hint of darkness that existed in his heart has begun to spiral out of control in the form of rage. He's begging you to get rid of the rage. Apparently, if you defeat Maha, the rage will stop. It doesn't look easy by any means, but it is what a master must do. You'd better take on the Uncontrollable Maha.

Uncontrollable Maha #a214011#
Completed You were able to defeat the Uncontrollable Maha. Once the rage subsided, Maha helped awaken more of your past powers.
  1. Talk to Maha in Rien.
  2. Eliminate 1 Uncontrollable Maha.
  3. Talk to Maha again.
Rewards BasicReward
Job Advancement from Aran III to Aran IV
Eqp Aran in Hope Aran in Hope x 1
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