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Sealed Garden
NPC Lisa
Category Aran
Available Giant Nependeaths are causing Orbis to fall? Talk to Lisa in Orbis.
In Progress Lisa wants you to talk to Spiruna in Old Man's House.

<The quest has to be forfeited and restarted if you fail.>
Completed Spiruna says Giant Nependeaths won't make Orbis fall, but that just means there is another problem. Whoever is making the Nependeaths grow is heading to Sealed Garden... Wait, Sealed Garden?

She wanted to see if you could be trusted, but she was shocked. She saw a grand destiny...
  1. Talk to Lisa in Orbis. You will be teleported to Old Man's House.
  2. Talk to Spiruna in Old Man's House.
Rewards BasicReward
7,604 EXP
Unlocked Quest(s) To the Sealed Garden
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