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Pucci's Request
NPC Pucci
Category Aran
  • At least Level 50
  • For Aran only
Available Pucci, a penguin from Rien, apparently has something to tell you.
In Progress Pucci says that one of the 'huskies' he was tending was actually a wolf. He doesn't know exactly what happened, but he doesn't want to abandon the infant wolf pup. He wants you to ask around for some tips on how to raise a wolf. Somewhere around Aqua Road, you know that Nanuke knows a little something about raising wolves...
Completed You were able to meet Nanuke at Snowy Whale's Island of Aqua Road.
  1. Talk to Pucci by clicking on the light-bulb.
  2. Talk to Nanuke in Snowy Whale's Island.
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