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New Beginnings
NPC Lilin
Category Aran
  • At least Level 10
  • For Aran only
Available You discovered that you were a hero that used to wield a Polearm, and just like that, you started to remember a number of your former skills. Your recovered skills are far from optimal, but... You should report this to Lilin anyway.
In Progress Lilin seems amazed that you were able to recover so many of your abilities and urges you to start training seriously. She then recommends that you go see Puo the Penguin Master, an old penguin that's studied the intricacies of various hero skills. He's located in the west side of town at Dangerous Forest.
Completed You met with Puo in Dangerous Forest.
  1. Talk to Lilin in Rien.
Rewards BasicReward
Eqp Practice Polearm Practice Polearm x 1
Unlocked Quest(s) To Victoria Island
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