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[Job Adv.] In Search of the Ultimate Weapon
NPC Sir Blacksmith
Sir Blacksmith
Category Aran
Available You look into the Mirror of Desire. There's a split second when you think you've lost your mind, but then... Where are you? Are you in the past? This feels like deja vu. You remember this, from a long, long time ago, when you begged Sir Blacksmith to make you the best polearm in the world.
In Progress When you ask Sir Blacksmith for the best polearm available, Sir Blacksmith takes a long look at you and says you'll need to prove your worth. Your mission is to battle the Scarred Bears and defeat them. You also have to gather Sign of Acceptances.
Completed You managed to gather all the Sign of Acceptances required. Sir Blacksmith liked you fearless attitude, and handed you the polearm wrapped in cloth. The polearm, Maha, and... Unfortunately, that was the extent of your memories.
  1. Talk to Sir Blacksmith in Head Blacksmith's Shop.
  2. Obtain 30 Signs of Acceptance from Scarred Bear.
  3. Talk to Sir Blacksmith again.
Rewards BasicReward
Etc Sign of Acceptance Sign of Acceptance -30
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