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How to Meet Mu Gong
NPC So Gong
So Gong
Category Aran
Available The letter issued by Shadow Knight of the Black Wings... In order to deliver the letter to Mu Gong, you first must win over So Gong, who is one of his students. You'd better head over to Mu Lung Dojo Entrance and start sweet-talking So Gong.
In Progress You ask nicely to see Mu Gong, but So Gong's stance remains the same: NO! So, you decided to sweeten the pot, as instructed by Mr. Do, by offering healthy items for the body, which worked like magic. You'd better start gathering some Healthy Bellflowers.

You can find good Bellflowers by going through the Secret Portal behind the pillar right of So Gong.
Completed When you brought the Healthy Bellflowers to him, So Gong discreetly told you the way to Mu Lung Dojo Entrance's back alley. In front of Mu Lung Dojo Entrance are some flags. You need to use the portal under the green flag on the right side to get to Mu Gong.
  1. Talk to So Gong in Mu Lung Dojo Hall.
  2. Obtain 100 Healthy Bellflowers from Training Bellflower.
  3. Talk to So Gong again.
Rewards BasicReward
27,150 EXP
Etc Bellflower Healthy Bellflower -100
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