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Golems Amok
NPC Chief Stan
Chief Stan
Category Aran
Available This is your second assignment as an informant. Ask Chief Stan in Henesys about the Stone Golem incident.
In Progress Chief Stan says there's been a lot of talk about weird monsters and weirder puppets. He wants you to hunt the Stone Golems and bring him any Stone Golem puppets you find.

Stone Golem #a217141#

Etc Golem Doll Golem Doll #c4034065# / 1
Completed You brought Golem Doll for Chief Stan. Chief Stan says puppets were found when Stone Golem was going wild. He will look into the Stone Golems further.
  1. Talk to Chief Stan in Henesys.
  2. Eliminate 25 Stone Golems and obtain 1 Golem Doll.
  3. Talk to Chief Stan again.
Rewards BasicReward
1,500 EXP
Etc Golem Doll Golem Doll -1
Unlocked Quest(s) Camila's Testimony
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