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Ghost Stumps
NPC 10 Boogies
10 Boogies
Category Aran
Available This is your third assignment as an informant and this one involves studying the strange-acting Smirking Ghost Stumps with 10 Boogies in Perion. You'd better go talk to 10 Boogies.
In Progress 10 Boogies already knows that the puppet is the reason behind the changes in the Smirking Ghost Stump monsters. She asks you to go to Gusty Peak, defeat 70 Smirking Ghost Stump monsters, and bring back a puppet. She adds that after you've eliminated all 70, you should just come back even if you haven't discovered a puppet.

Any Ghost Stump #a217221#
Completed You eliminated 70 Smirking Ghost Stumps but didn't discover any puppets. 10 Boogies says that something must be wrong, because there must be more than one puppet amongst the Smirking Ghost Stumps...
  1. Talk to 10 Boogies in Perion. You will be teleported to Gusty Peak.
  2. Eliminate 70 Ghost Stumps of either kind.
  3. Talk to 10 Boogies by clicking on the light-bulb.
Rewards BasicReward
3,000 EXP
Unlocked Quest(s) Find the Puppet
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