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[Job Adv.] Friendship with Yeti
NPC Tititi
Category Aran
Repeatability Instantly
Available So, you follow Lilin's instructions and look in the Mirror of Desire once more. Your vision gets dark for a second, but then you find yourself in El Nath, once again returning to the past. Standing before you is a Yeti in tears. What's going on? You'd better talk to Tititi.
In Progress Sniffling heavily, Tititi says a thief stole his gem. He is distraught that his red gem is gone, after he had so painstakingly created it. A red gem? It must have something to do with the Red Jade! You should find the thief on behalf of Tititi.

Thief Crow #a213031#

Etc Red Jade Red Jade #c4032339# / 1
Completed Tititi was satisfied with just seeing the gem and handed you the Red Jade. Make sure to take this to Maha!
  1. Talk to Tititi in Razor Sharp Cliff.
  2. Eliminate Thief Crow and obtain 1 Red Jade.
  3. Talk to Tititi again.
Rewards BasicReward
Etc Red Jade Red Jade -1
Etc Red Jade Red Jade x 1
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