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First Assignment, Completed!
NPC Scarrs
Category Aran
Available This is your first assignment as an informant. Does Dr. Scarrs of Henesys have the answer to why the strange monsters are appearing? Go to Scarrs.
In Progress Scarrs analyzed the puppets you found, and discovered that it's making a sound that's causing the monsters to change. Relay this information to Tru.
Completed You notified Tru about the cause of the strange behavior among the Orange Mushrooms, which officially concluded your first ever assignment as an informant. You should probably spend some time leveling up and training yourself now.
  1. Talk to Scarrs in Henesys.
  2. Talk to Tru by clicking on the light-bulb.
Rewards BasicReward
1,500 EXP
Unlocked Quest(s) Your Second Informant Assignment
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