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[Required] Basic Fitness Training 3
NPC Lilin
Category Aran
Available Basic Training continues. If you want to start the third stage of Basic Training, you should talk to Lilin.
In Progress Lilin wants to step up the intensity of the training and asks you to defeat Murumurus. This is getting more intense, but when you mentioned that to Lilin, your protests were ignored. Shoot, you'd better just head over to Snow-covered Field 3.
Completed You defeated the Murumurus.
  1. Talk to Lilin in Rien.
  2. Eliminate 20 Murumurus.
  3. Talk to Lilin again.
Rewards BasicReward
550 EXP
Use Special Rien Red Potion Special Rien Red Potion x 25
Use Special Rien Blue Potion Special Rien Blue Potion x 25
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