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[Required] Basic Fitness Training 2
NPC Lilin
Category Aran
Available Basic Training continues. If you want to start the second stage of Basic Training, you should talk to Lilin.
In Progress Lilin says that this time you have to go to Snow-covered Field 2 and defeat some Murupias. Come to think of it, Lilin seems different from the time you first saw her, back when she had that mystical aura about her...
Completed You defeated the Murupias.
  1. Talk to Lilin in Rien.
  2. Eliminate 15 Murupias.
  3. Talk to Lilin again.
Rewards BasicReward
450 EXP
Use Special Rien Red Potion Special Rien Red Potion x 20
Use Special Rien Blue Potion Special Rien Blue Potion x 20
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