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[Required] Abilities Lost
NPC Purun
Category Aran
Available You should talk to Purun, standing on the road to town.
In Progress Purun says that it makes perfect sense that you don't know how to hold a weapon, since you've lost your memory. He then tells you that maybe battling a monster would jog your memory and asks you to defeat Tutorial Muru. You wonder if you can do it.
Completed You defeated Tutorial Muru, but it hasn't jogged any memories. You have a feeling that your skills and abilities were lost, just like your memories. What kind of a hero are you if you have no abilities?
  1. Talk to Purun in Cold Forest 3.
  2. Eliminate 3 Tutorial Murus.
  3. Talk to Purun again.
Rewards BasicReward
57 EXP
Use Special Rien Red Potion Special Rien Red Potion x 10
Use Special Rien Blue Potion Special Rien Blue Potion x 10
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