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Quest Name Requirements
[Required] Find the Missing Kid 1 None
[Required] Find the Missing Kid 2 None
[Required] The Return of the Hero None
[Required] The Missing Weapon None
[Required] Abilities Lost None
[Required] A Gift for the Hero None
[Required] Basic Fitness Training 1 None
[Required] Basic Fitness Training 2 None
[Required] Basic Fitness Training 3 None
[Required] Basic Fitness Test None
[Required] Lilin's Account Level 5
[Required] The Five Heroes Level 10
[Required] The Polearm-Wielding Hero Level 10
New Beginnings Level 10
To Victoria Island Level 10
An Information Dealer's Work Level 10
Teo's Information Level 10
Suspicious John Level 10
Secrets of the Wooden Box Level 10
Your First Informant Assignment Level 10
Check Out the Orange Mushroom Level 10
Raging Horny Mushrooms Level 10
When Mushrooms Cry Level 10
First Assignment, Completed! Level 10
Your Second Informant Assignment Level 15
Golems Amok Level 15
Camila's Testimony Level 15
Second Assignment, Completed! Level 15
What Chief Stan Says 1 Level 15
What Chief Stan Says 2 Level 15
The Puppeteer's Invitation Level 15
The Puppeteer's Warning Level 15
Your Third Informant Assignment Level 20
Ghost Stumps Level 230
Find the Puppet Level 230
Third Assignment, Completed! Level 20
10 Boogies's Request Level 20
Your Fourth Informant Assignment Level 25
The forest is getting out of control! Level 25
The Puppeteer's Cave Level 25
4th Assignment Completed Level 25
The Cave's Password Level 25
Eliminate the Puppeteer! Level 25
The Black Wings' Conspiracy Level 25
[Job Adv.] In Search of Its Rightful Owner Level 30
[Job Adv.] The Mirror of Desire Level 30
[Job Adv.] In Search of the Ultimate Weapon Level 30
Gathering Some Strange Information Level 43
Traces of the Puppeteer Level 45
The Seal Stone of Victoria Island Level 45
Orbis Level 48
The Giant Nependeaths Appear Level 48
Sealed Garden Level 48
To the Sealed Garden Level 48
The Stolen Seal Stone of Orbis Level 48
Pucci's Request Level 50
Formula for Your Wolf Pup Level 50
Kenta's Wolf Pup Formula Level 50
Ryko the Wolf Pup Level 50
Wolf Mount Level 50
Investigating Mu Lung Level 54
The Black Scroll Level 54
The Special Ink Level 54
The Shadow Knight's Letter Level 54
How to Meet Mu Gong Level 54
Mu Gong's Test Level 54
Catch the Shadow Knight! Level 54
The Stolen Seal Stone of Mu Lung Level 54
[Job Adv.] A Weapon Never Leaves Its Owner Level 60
[Job Adv.] Catch that Thief! Level 60
[Job Adv.] Making Red Jade Level 60
[Job Adv.] Friendship with Yeti Level 60
Aran's Token of Heroism Level 60
Silver Heroes Emblem Level 60
Back to the Past Level 63
She Remembers Me Level 63
Seal Stone of Ellin Forest Level 63
Find the Key Level 63
The Lost Seal Stone of Ellin Forest Level 63
Info on Another Seal Stone Level 63
Decoding the Letter Level 63
A Letter to the Queen Level 68
Neinheart the Strategist Level 68
Neinheart's Thanks Level 70
Lilin's Call Level 75
Friends of Aran Level 75
[Job Adv.] Weapon Starts a Fight... with His Owner? Level 100
[Job Adv.] Taming the Polearm Level 100
Aran's Token for an Epic Hero. Level 100
Gold Heroes Emblem Level 100
The Adolescent Wolf Level 100
Nanuke's Advice Level 100
Kenta's Adolescent Wolf Vitamins Level 100
Scadur's Advice Level 100
A Visit from the Wolf Herd Level 150
The Wolves' Test Level 150
A Wolf's Heart Level 150
[Job Adv.] Weapon Acknowledges Its Owner Level 200
The Wolf's Evolution Level 200
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