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Title - Soul Guardian
NPC The Rememberer
The Rememberer
Category Title
Available You can apparently acquire the title of <Soul Guardian> by eliminating undead monsters and sending them back to nirvana...
In Progress Title - Soul Guardian

Unleash the spirits of Undead monsters.

[*]Soul Teddy #a290181#
[*]Master Soul Teddy #a290182#
Saitie #a290183#
[*]Dark Klock #a290184#
[*]Master Death Teddy #a290185#
Completed You were able to eliminate the undead monsters and acquired the title of <Soul Guardian>.
  1. Talk to The Rememberer in Sleepywood.
  2. Eliminate 444 [*]Soul Teddies.
  3. Eliminate 444 [*]Master Soul Teddies.
  4. Eliminate 444 Saities.
  5. Eliminate 444 [*]Dark Klocks.
  6. Eliminate 444 [*]Master Death Teddies.
  7. Talk to The Rememberer again.
Rewards BasicReward
Eqp Soul Guardian Soul Guardian x 1
Unlocked Quest(s) Title - Saint Exorcist
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