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Nihal Desert Explorer
NPC Dalair
Category Title
  • At least Level 25
Available You can earn the <Nihal Desert Explorer> title by exploring the Nihal Desert.
In Progress Title - Nihal Desert Explorer

Explore the 10 main regions of Nihal Desert.

Status: #R27015# / 10 Completed.
Completed You have completed exploring Nihal Desert and earned the <Nihal Desert Explorer> title.
  1. Visit these 10 maps.
    1. Ariant
    2. White Rock Desert
    3. Tent of the Entertainers
    4. The Desert of Red Sand
    5. Sahel 1
    6. Magatia
    7. Lab - 2nd Floor Hallway
    8. Lab - Central Hub
    9. Authorized Personnel Only
    10. Lab - Secret Basement Path
  2. Talk to Dalair in Henesys Park, Ellinia, Perion, Kerning City, Lith Harbor, Sleepywood, Sleepywood, or Nautilus Harbor.
Rewards BasicReward
Eqp Nihal Desert Explorer Nihal Desert Explorer x 1
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