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Fairy's Pupil
NPC Athena Pierce
Athena Pierce
Category Title
  • Insight at least Level 60
Available Talk to Athena Pierce, who leads Henesys with keen Insight.
In Progress Athena Pierce is fairy-born, and is immune to the illusions that befuddle most mortals. She thinks you have the potential to develop her level of Insight, and asks you to defeat some monsters.

Surgeon Eye #a295171#
Completed You received the Fairy's Pupil medal from Athena Pierce.
  1. Talk to Athena Pierce in Bowman Instructional School.
  2. Eliminate 600 Surgeon Eyes.
  3. Talk to Athena Pierce again.
Rewards BasicReward
2,500 EXP
Eqp Bearded Ambition Fairy's Pupil x 1
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