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NPC Sharyl
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  • Empathy at least Level 60
Available Prince of Whales Sharyl seems to have some kind of plan... Talk to Sharyl to find out what he has in his mind.
In Progress Sharyl says he's preparing to seranade his secret love Kyrin, and he wants your help writing the lyrics. He wants to sing a song that praises Kyrin's beauty, so try to remember how Kyrin looks.
Completed You received the Bard medal from Sharyl.
  1. Talk to Sharyl in Nautilus.
  2. Talk to Sharyl again. Select the following while talking to Sharyl:
    1. red like an apple!
    2. like the stars!
    3. ...are red like cherries!
Rewards BasicReward
720 EXP
Eqp Bearded Ambition Bard x 1
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