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[Grand Athenaeum] Episode V: Shadow Alchemist
NPC Thales the Librarian
Thales the Librarian
Category Title
Available Thales the Librarian will give you a gift for reading the books at the Grand Athenaeum.
In Progress Read Episode V: Shadow Alchemist by talking to Skylark Rita at the Grand Athenaeum. at the Grand Athenaeum.
Completed You read Episode V: Shadow Alchemist at the Grand Athenaeum.
  1. Talk to Thales the Librarian at Grand Athenaeum.
  2. Complete the quest Episode V: Shadow Alchemist.
  3. Talk to Thales the Librarian again.
Rewards BasicReward
Eqp Shadow Alchemist Shadow Alchemist x 1
Etc Spell Trace Spell Trace x 300
Setup Handful of Moonlight Chair Handful of Moonlight Chair x 1
Use Mastery Box Mastery Box x 1 (if [Grand Athenaeum] Food for the Soul is not completed)
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