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Quest Name Requirements
Beginner Explorer Level 15
Title Challenge - Celebrity! Level 20
Title Challenge - Maple Idol Star [Level 20]
Title Challenge - Diligent Explorer Level 20
The One Who's Touched the Sky Level 20
Ludus Lake Explorer Level 20
Undersea Explorer Level 20
Nihal Desert Explorer Level 25
Title Challenge - Quest Specialist Level 30
El Nath Mts. Explorer Level 30
Mu Lung Explorer Level 30
Sleepywood Explorer Level 40
Victoria Explorer Level 40
Title - Spirit Diviner Level 40
[Riena Strait] Title - Deckhand Level 50
Title - Soul Conjurer Level 57
Minar Forest Explorer Level 60
Ossyria Explorer Level 60
Maple Explorer Level 60
Tangyoon approved cook. [Level 60]
Title - Soul Guardian Level 67
Title - Silent Crusade Recruit [Level 90]
Title - Saint Exorcist Level 92
[Medal] Magatia's Alchemist [Level 93]
[Grand Athenaeum] Read The White Mage Level 100
[Grand Athenaeum] Read Empress In Training Level 100
[Grand Athenaeum] Read The Black Witch Level 100
[Grand Athenaeum] Winter Bard Level 100
[Grand Athenaeum] Episode V: Shadow Alchemist Level 100
Title - Silent Crusade Officer [Level 105]
Title - Silent Crusade Commander [Level 105]
Title - Silent Crusade Champion [Level 105]
[Monster Park] Monday Medal Challenge Level 105
[Monster Park] Tuesday Medal Challenge Level 105
[Monster Park] Wednesday Medal Challenge Level 105
[Monster Park] Thursday Medal Challenge Level 105
[Monster Park] Friday Medal Challenge Level 105
[Monster Park] Saturday Medal Challenge Level 105
[Monster Park] Sunday Medal Challenge [Level 105]
Title - Heart of a Lion [Level 115]
Title - Rose Knight [Level 115]
[Hard Hilla] The End of Hilla Level 120
[Hard Hilla] The Immortal Hero of Azwan Level 120
[Hard Hilla] The Unstoppable Hero of Azwan Level 120
[Hard Hilla] The Swift Hero of Azwan Level 120
Title - 101st Time's the Charm Level 120
[Ghost Park] The Ghost Park Challenge Level 125
[Ghost Park] The Ghost Park Super Challenge Level 125
[Ghost Park] Survival Challenge Level 125
Seeker of Gilded Truth [Level 130]
[Dimension Invasion] Dimension Defender Level 140
[Dimension Invasion] Dimension Master Level 140
[Dimension Invasion] By Land, Sea, and Air. Level 140
Jackpot Entertainment Co-CEO?! Level 145
Title - White M-Forcer [Level 165]
Title - Butterfly Dreams [Level 220]
[Lv. 250 Reached] The Light of Hope [Level 250]
[Lv. 275 Achievement] Symbol of Brilliant Honor [Level 275]
Humble Honor Ambition Level 20
Bearded Ambition Ambition Level 60
King's Dignity Ambition Level 100
Hawk's Eyes Insight Level 20
Fairy's Pupil Insight Level 60
Clairvoyant Insight Level 100
No Pain, No Gain Willpower Level 20
Beauty of Patience Willpower Level 60
Patience Incarnate Willpower Level 100
Hand of the Family Diligence Level 20
Expert's Heart Diligence Level 60
Midas's Touch Diligence Level 100
Troubled Youth Empathy Level 20
Bard Empathy Level 60
Human Enough Empathy Level 100
Eyes on Me Level 30; Charm Level 20
The Hotness Charm Level 60
Epitome of Beauty Charm Level 100

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