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Perion's Specialty 3
NPC Claudine (Twilight Perion)
Category Gate to the Future
Available Claudine the Turncoat has one last favor to ask of you.
In Progress Claudine the Turncoat heard about the Radiant Dark Rubble. She wants to sell both Radiant Ancient Rubble and Radiant Dark Rubble items in her shop! Get her some Radiant Dark Rubble items.
Completed You got some Radiant Dark Rubble items for Claudine the Turncoat.
  1. Talk to Claudine in Twilight Perion.
  2. Obtain 100 Radiant Dark Rubbles from Ancient Dark Golem.
  3. Talk to Claudine again.
Rewards BasicReward
12,389,620 EXP
Etc Radiant Dark Rubble Radiant Dark Rubble -100
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