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Jay and the Quest for Power
NPC Jay (Henesys Ruins)
Category Gate to the Future
Available Jay is looking for someone to help him research some powerful magic.
In Progress Bring Jay whatever he needs to advance his research.
Completed You gave Jay the research data he needed.
  1. Talk to Jay in Henesys Ruins.
  2. Obtain 80 Mutant Tino Feathers from Mutant Tino.
  3. Obtain 80 Mutant Tiru Feathers from Mutant Tiru.
  4. Talk to Jay again.
Rewards BasicReward
6,833,000 EXP
Etc Mutant Tino Feather Mutant Tino Feather -80
Etc Mutant Tiru Feather Mutant Tiru Feather -80
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