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[Required] Chief Alex
NPC Chief Alex
Chief Alex
Category Gate to the Future
Available You must prove that you don't work for the Black Mage.
In Progress Tell Alex about the past, and prove that you don't work for the Black Mage. Correctly answer Alex's questions about the past.
Completed You proved to Chief Alex that you are not a spy of Cygnus.
  1. Talk to Chief Alex in Henesys Ruins.
  2. Talk to Chief Alex again. Select the following while talking to Chief Alex.
    1. Kerning City
    2. You were a runaway.
    3. Stan
    4. An old golden watch
Rewards BasicReward
3,000 EXP
Unlocked Quest(s) [Required] Henesys in Ruins
Never Give Up
Guardian of the Town 1
Gathering Food 1
Utah's Missing
Jay the Warlock
Anne's Request 1
Superior Arrows
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