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Pirate's Map
NPC Vikin
Category Mu Lung Garden
  • At least Level 100
Available Vikin of Lith Harbor apparently has been waiting for the right time to do something big.
In Progress Vikin seemed eager to fight the stormy sea, and wanted me to find Pirate Map, the map that featured the secret path through the stormy sea. According to Vikin, the one that has all 6 divided pieces of Piece of the Pirate Map happens to be the only person that has survived the stormy sea, Lord Pirate... Hey, that means I have to go through the lair of Lord Pirate!

Piece of the Pirate Map #c4001118#/6
Completed I was able to gather up all the Piece of the Pirate Maps from the lair of Lord Pirate and gave them to Vikin. Obtaining the map, Vikin seemed ecstatic to finally be able to tackle on the stormy sea. I mean, he's acutely aware of the dangers that lurk over him, and yet he seemed too eager to attack the water. Vikin really must be one heck of a traveler.
  1. Talk to Vikin in Lith Harbor.
  2. Obtain 6 Piece of the Pirate Maps from Lord Pirate's Devoted Kru or Lord Pirate's Devoted Captain.
  3. Talk to Vikin again.
Rewards BasicReward
30,500 EXP
Etc Piece of the Pirate Map Piece of the Pirate Map -6
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