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No Gong's Test
NPC No Gong
No Gong
Category Mu Lung Garden
Available The Head Physical Trainer of Mu Lung, No Gong, wants to test the students willing to become the Master...
In Progress No Gong told us the test consists of defeating both Grizzly and Panda. Grizzly and Panda may be animals, but they have both been training hard to become Masters, so this may not be a easy fight...

Grizzly #a38311#
Panda #a38312#
Completed After successfully defeating Grizzly and Panda, I went back to No Gong to tell him the good news, only to listen to him tell me that I still have ways to go before becoming the true Master. What the, he's doing this again... is he really going to make me a Master, or what?
  1. Talk to No Gong in Mu Lung Temple.
  2. Eliminate 100 Grizzlies and 100 Pandas.
  3. Talk to No Gong again.
Rewards BasicReward
2,096,664 EXP
Use Melting Cheese Melting Cheese x 15
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