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Mr. Do's Book on Herbal Medicine
NPC Mr. Do
Mr. Do
Category Mu Lung Garden
Repeatability Instantly
Available I heard there's a suspicious pharmacist by the name of Mr. Do at Mu Lung...
In Progress Mr. Do claimed that he's the true student of Tae Sang and is a great pharmacist himself. The more I look at this character, the more I feel suspicious about him... anyway, he told me he's been working on combining rare herbs found at Mu Lung, and asked me to grab some The Book Ghosts and give him Old Paper along the way.

Etc Old Paper Old Paper #c4000298#/25
Completed Once I gave him all the Old Papers needed for this, Mr. Do gave me a book that he authored, Book on Herbal Medicine, and told me if I bring this book to him when I visit him, he'll make the medicine for me in a heartbeat. He may not seem trustworthy, but I don't see what's wrong with asking him for a medicine every once in a while...
  1. Talk to Mr. Do in Mu Lung.
  2. Obtain 25 Old Papers from The Book Ghost.
  3. Talk to Mr. Do again.
Rewards BasicReward
Etc Old Paper Old Paper -25
Etc Magical Potion Guide Book on Herbal Medicine x 1
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