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Making Mastery Medicine
NPC Tae Sang
Tae Sang
Category Mu Lung Garden
  • At least Level 135
Available The resident pharmacist of Mu Lung, Tae Sang, seems to be in the midst of creating a special medicine...
In Progress Tae Sang, who claims to be working on a medicine that'll take a regular person much closer to becoming a Master, requested that I gather up the ingredients for him. The ingredients required are: 10 Broken Deer Horns, 10 Ginseng-Boiled Waters, 10 100-Year-Old Bellflowers, 6 Snake Leathers, and 4 Bear Foots...

Etc Broken Deer HornBroken Deer Horn #c4000288#/10
Etc Ginseng-Boiled WaterGinseng-Boiled Water #c4000292#/10
Etc 100-Year-Old Bellflower100-Year-Old Bellflower #c4000294#/10
Etc Snake LeatherSnake Leather #c4000281#/6
Etc Bear FootBear Foot #c4000283#/4
Completed I managed to give Tae Sang all the required ingredients. It actually looks good enough to be a medicine to speed up the recovery from, say, fatigue, but will this really make us become Masters?
  1. Talk to Tae Sang in Tae Sang's House.
  2. Obtain 6 Snake Leathers from Blue Flower Serpent or Red Flower Serpent.
  3. Obtain 4 Bear Feet from Grizzly or Panda.
  4. Obtain 10 Broken Deer Horns from Cute Reindeer.
  5. Obtain 10 Ginseng-Boiled Waters from Ginseng Jar.
  6. Obtain 10 100-Year-Old Bellflowers from Sr. Bellflower Root.
  7. Talk to Tae Sang again.
Rewards BasicReward
2,096,664 EXP
Etc Snake Leather Snake Leather -6
Etc Bear Foot Bear Foot -4
Etc Broken Deer Horn Broken Deer Horn -10
Etc Ginseng-Boiled Water Ginseng-Boiled Water -10
Etc 100-Year-Old Bellflower 100-Year-Old Bellflower -10
Use Mastery Medicine Mastery Medicine x 5
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