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Eliminating the Escaped Pot
NPC Captain Hwang
Captain Hwang
Category Mu Lung Garden
  • At least Level 135
Available Captain Hwang of Herb Town seems to be concerned about something...
In Progress Captain Hwang, who was planning on using #o4230505# items as containers for herbs, says something strange got into the containers and is now causing chaos. Captain Hwang wants you to eliminate 200 Jar monsters.

Jar #a38341#
Completed Captain Hwang was very relieved when you defeated 200 Jar monsters. But what's gotten into them...? You still don't know.
  1. Talk to Captain Hwang in Herb Town.
  2. Eliminate 200 Jars.
  3. Talk to Captain Hwang again.
Rewards BasicReward
2,215,821 EXP
Use Watermelon Watermelon x 30
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