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Captain Lord Pirate
NPC Captain Hwang
Captain Hwang
Category Mu Lung Garden
Available Captain Hwang, who's in charge of freight for Herb Town, seems to know something about Lord Pirate's Travel Diary...
In Progress Captain Hwang told me the location of Lord Pirate's Treasures is written in here, and wanted me to find Lord Pirate's Treasures. The box of Lord Pirate's Treasures is located at a relatively unknown place inside the Pirate Ship, at the deck where the bellflowers are guarding, and I'll need Lord Pirate's Key to Chest to open it... I guess I'll have to get Lord Pirate's Key to Chest first. In order to get Lord Pirate's Key to Chest, I'll have to enter the lair of Lord Pirate.

Etc Lord Pirate's TreasuresLord Pirate's Treasures #c4031551#/1
Completed I opened the box of Lord Pirate's Treasures, took out all the treasures, and gave them to Captain Hwang.
  1. Talk to Captain Hwang by clicking on the light-bulb.
  2. Obtain 1 Lord Pirate's Treasures by dropping Lord Pirate's Key to Chest on Lord Pirate's Chest in Through the Head of the Ship!.
  3. Talk to Captain Hwang in Herb Town.
Rewards BasicReward
30,500 EXP
Etc Lord Pirate's Treasures Lord Pirate's Treasures -1
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