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For Phyllia
NPC Phyllia
Category Nihal Desert
Available Dr. De Lang, the missing alchemist. What he wanted and the dark truth behind Magatia... All these previously hidden facts have been revealed. Now it's the matter of choice. If I am to choose the truth, then I'll have to head over to Phyllia.
In Progress The truth must be told, even if it causes heartbreak and anger. Once I get myself ready to reveal the truth, I better hand in Dran's Note to Phyllia.
Completed With trembling hands, Phyllia received Dran's Note. There was no way to tell how she'd react to it, whether to be angry, sad, in despair...or forgive. It's all up to her now.
  1. Talk to Phyllia in Magatia.
  2. Obtain 1 Dran's Note.
  3. Talk to Phyllia again.
Rewards BasicReward
207,642 EXP
30 Fame
Etc Dran's Note Dran's Note -1
Use Elixir Elixir x 30
Unlocked Quest(s) Re-acquiring Dr. De Lang's Notes (if in progress)
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