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Yaku's Request
NPC Yaku
Category Leafre
  • At least Level 105
Available I'd better go see Yaku at Leafre.
In Progress Yaku, who takes great care of the egg at Leafre, desires to beautifully decorate the nest. She seemed excited by the prospect of the baby dragon hatching out of the egg and seeing the beautiful nest for the very first time, and asked me if I could gather up 50 Harp's Tail Feathers and 30 Blood Harp's Crowns to help her decorate the nest.

Etc Harp's Tail FeatherHarp's Tail Feather #c4000238# / 50
Etc Blood Harp's CrownBlood Harp's Crown #c4000239# / 30
Completed As requested by Yaku, I gathered up 50 Harp's Tail Feathers and 30 Blood Harp's Crowns. Yaku went to work immediately, decorating the nest with soft, sparkling feathers.
  1. Talk to Yaku in Yaku's House.
  2. Obtain 50 Harp's Tail Feathers from Harp.
  3. Obtain 30 Blood Harp's Crowns from Blood Harp.
  4. Talk to Yaku again.
Rewards BasicReward
263,963 EXP
Etc Harp's Tail Feather Harp's Tail Feather -50
Etc Blood Harp's Crown Blood Harp's Crown -30
Use Elixir Elixir x 10