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Wyvern's Sudden Attack
NPC Raul the Knight
Raul the Knight
Category Leafre
  • At least Level 130
Available Let's go see Raul the Knight, who's lying wounded somewhere in Wyvern Canyon.
In Progress Raul the Knight, who I met at Wyvern Canyon, asked me to help decrease the number of Wyverns, who have taken over Dragon's Canyon. Let's decrease the number of Wyverns and get back to Raul the Knight.

Red Wyvern #a37111#
Blue Wyvern #a37112#
Dark Wyvern #a37113#
Completed I have cut down the number of Wyverns as Raul the Knight from Wyvern Canyon requested, but I felt uneasy because the Wyverns kept multiplying and multiplying.
  1. Talk to Raul the Knight in Wyvern Canyon.
  2. Eliminate 18 Red Wyverns, 18 Blue Wyverns and 18 Dark Wyverns.
  3. Talk to Raul the Knight again.
Rewards BasicReward
754,021 EXP