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Towards the Sky 1
NPC Matada
Category Leafre
Available In order to chase the Dragon Rider, you're going to need to learn to fly... Discover the secret to flight from Matada, the Halflinger Adventurer.
In Progress Bring Matada the items he needs so that he can teach you how to fly.
Completed You brought Matada the items that he wanted.
  1. Talk to Matada in Crimson Sky Dock.
  2. Obtain 40 Rash's Furballs from Rash.
  3. Obtain 40 Beetle's Horns from Beetle.
  4. Obtain 10 Dragon's Essences from any monster in Leafre.
  5. Obtain 1 Sunset Dew.
  6. Talk to Matada again.
Rewards BasicReward
383,306 EXP
Use Sunset Dew Sunset Dew -1
Etc Beetle's Horn Beetle's Horn -40
Etc Dragon's Essence Dragon's Essence -10
Etc Rash's Furball Rash's Furball -40
Unlocked Quest(s) Towards the Sky 2