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Pam's Request
Category Leafre
  • At least Level 105
Available I'd better go see Pam at Leafre.
In Progress I ran into Pam, who's responsible for singing for the egg at Leafre. Pam liked to sing, but was also interested in playing instruments, and wanted to make a big flute. In order to do so, she asked that I gather up 50 Hankie's Pan Flutes
Completed I gave Pam 50 Hankie's Pan Flutes. Pam seemed excited by the prospect of making a huge pan flute out of those small pan flutes and eventually play beautiful music for the eggs.
  1. Talk to Pam in Pam's House.
  2. Obtain 50 Hankie's Pan Flutes from Hankie.
  3. Talk to Pam again.
Rewards BasicReward
263,963 EXP
20 Empathy EXP
Etc Hankie's Pan Flute Hankie's Pan Flute -50