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Ito's Request
Category Leafre
  • At least Level 102
Available I'd better go see Ito at Leafre.
In Progress Ito, who's in charge of taking care of the egg for Leafre, wanted to keep the egg warm at all times, and wanted to cover it up with fluffy feathers of Rash. I was asked if I could gather up some feathers of Rash's Furball and Dark Rash's Furball.

Etc Rash's FurballRash's Furball #c4000226# / 55
Etc Dark Rash's FurballDark Rash's Furball #c4000229# / 75
Completed As requested by Ito, I gathered up some furballs of Rash. Ito proceeded to put the feathers together and covered the egg up with it.
  1. Talk to Ito in Ito's House.
  2. Obtain 55 Rash's Furballs from Rash.
  3. Obtain 75 Dark Rash's Furballs from Dark Rash.
  4. Talk to Ito again.
Rewards BasicReward
259,678 EXP
Etc Rash's Furball Rash's Furball -55
Etc Dark Rash's Furball Dark Rash's Furball -75
Use Baby Dragon Food Baby Dragon Food x 10
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