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[Horntail] Moira's Whereabouts
NPC Chief Tatamo
Chief Tatamo
Category Leafre
  • At least Level 130
Available I heard recently Chief Tatamo in Leafre often looks up at the sky. Who is he waiting for? Let's go see Chief Tatamo.
In Progress Chief Tatamo in Leafre was concerned about Moira, a close magician friend, because he had recently lost contact with her. Moira is very close to dragons in Minar Forest and a few days ago, she went to the forest because she heard that the dragons were under danger. Since then, she lost all contact with her. What could've possibly happened to the dragons in Minar Forest and where has Moira disappeared to? Wouldn't I be able to find her somewhere beyond Dragon's Forest?
Completed Chief Tatamo asked me look for magician Moira. After getting lost for awhile, I was finally able to meet Moira at the top of the entrance of the Cave of Life at the dragon's nest.
  1. Talk to Chief Tatamo in Leafre. You will be teleported to Peak of the Big Nest.
  2. Talk to Moira in Cave of Life - Entrance.
Rewards BasicReward
50,000 EXP