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Strong Spiderglue
NPC Roly-Poly 3
Roly-Poly 3
Category Ludibrium
  • At least Level 93
Available Find Roly-Poly 3 on Eos Tower 93rd Floor.
In Progress Collect 50 Sticky Spiderweb items from Green Trixter in Eos Tower and take them to Roly-Poly 3.
Completed You returned the Sticky Spiderweb.

It should make a fine glue.
  1. Talk to Roly-Poly 3 in Eos Tower 93rd Floor.
  2. Obtain 50 Sticky Spiderwebs from Green Trixter.
  3. Talk to Roly-Poly 3 again.
Rewards BasicReward
173,035 EXP
Etc Sticky Spiderweb Sticky Spiderweb -50
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