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Roly-Poly 6's Tool
NPC Roly-Poly 6
Roly-Poly 6
Category Ludibrium
  • At least Level 94
Available Find Roly-Poly 6 on Eos Tower 34th Floor.
In Progress Roly-Poly 6 on Eos Tower 34th Floor lost his tools to a bunch of monsters. Find the Bloctopus that took his stuff and take it out. It should be somewhere around the Eos Tower 34th Floor or 35th Floor.
Completed I found the lost tool for Roly-Poly 6. I'm hoping this will allow him to fix things at Eos Tower now.
  1. Talk to Roly-Poly 6 in Eos Tower 34th Floor.
  2. Obtain 1 Screwdriver from Bloctopus.
  3. Talk to Roly-Poly 6 again.
Rewards BasicReward
185,147 EXP
Etc Screwdriver Screwdriver -1
Etc Captured Ligator Different Sack x 3
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