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Helping Fix Eos Tower
NPC Roly-Poly 8
Roly-Poly 8
Category Ludibrium
  • At least Level 94
Available Find Roly-Poly 8 at Eos Tower 32nd Floor.
In Progress Roly-Poly 8 on Eos Tower 32nd Floor is having a hard time getting his work done with all the monsters. Go to Eos Tower 32nd Floor-33rd Floor and take out 25 King Blockpi. Return with 20 Plastic Crowns.
Completed I took out a bunch of King Bloctopuss and collected 0s just the way the Roly-Poly 8 of Eos Tower asked. How long is this maintenance job going to last anyway? This should get done soon so I don't have to do them any more favors.
  1. Talk to Roly-Poly 8 in Eos Tower 32nd Floor.
  2. Eliminate 25 King Bloctopi and obtain 20 Plastic Crowns.
  3. Talk to Roly-Poly 8 again.
Rewards BasicReward
185,147 EXP
Eqp Work Gloves Work Gloves x 1 (if Novice)
Eqp Dark Clench Dark Clench x 1 (if Warrior)
Eqp Dark Manute Dark Manute x 1 (if Magician)
Eqp Dark Garner Dark Garner x 1 (if Bowman)
Eqp Gold Rover Gold Rover x 1 (if Thief)
Eqp Black Schult Black Schult x 1 (if Pirate)
Etc Plastic Crown Plastic Crown -20
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