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[Papulatus] Troublemaker Papulatus
NPC Mr. Bouffon
Mr. Bouffon
Category Ludibrium
Available Mr. Bouffon was shocked that Papulatus was at the root of all this evil. Discuss with Mr. Bouffon how Papulatus should be handled.
In Progress Mr. Bouffon says the only thing to do was to eliminate Papulatus. Talk to Flo about how to meet Papulatus.

Eliminate the Forgotten Passage's Gatekeeper to get Ludibrium Medal and enter the Origin of Clocktower. Then place the Piece of Cracked Dimension on the Dimensional Crack to defeat Papulatus Clock.

Ludibrium Medal #c4031172#/1
Eliminate Papulatus #a71031#
Completed You defeated Papulatus for Mr. Bouffon. But what will you do about the monsters that are still acting strange due to the falling star?
  1. Talk to Mr. Bouffon in Path of Time.
  2. Obtain 1 Ludibrium Medal from [*]Gatekeeper or [*]Thanatos.
  3. Eliminate Papulatus [Easy Mode], [Normal Mode] or [Chaos Mode].
  4. Talk to Mr. Bouffon again.
Rewards BasicReward
953,772 EXP
Eqp Ludibrium Cape Ludibrium Cape x 1
Unlocked Quest(s) [Papulatus] The Way to Papulatus (if in progress)
The Way to Papulatus
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