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The Blocked Path of the Ocean
NPC Taeng the Explorer
Taeng the Explorer
Category Aqua Road
  • At least Level 105
Available I should be able to see Taeng the Explorer deep in the underwater... somewhere around The Grave of a Wrecked Ship.
In Progress I met Taeng the Explorer in between The Grave of a Wrecked Ship at an empty ship that's been wrecked. He said he's been looking for the traces of his missing men. He came down here to check out the irregular activities that have been taking place here, and one day he lost contact with his men. Not only did he lose them, but he said the path to the bottom of the ocean is blocked too, so he asked me for help on looking for traces of his men. I should wander around looking for items that can be used as evidence. If the items the men have used are still here, then maybe the sharks that have been roaming around The Grave of a Wrecked Ship is the one to blame... I should find a flashlight, a camera and a notebook, and give them back to Taeng the Explorer.
Completed Taeng the Explorer, whom I've met at The Grave of a Wrecked Ship, asked me to find traces of his men that have disappeared. I was able to gather up the flashlight, the camera, and the notebook that his men used at the time of the attack. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to find any of the missing men.
  1. Talk to Taeng the Explorer in A Small Wrecked Ship.
  2. Obtain 1 Ripped Note, 1 Broken Flashlight and 1 Broken Camera from Shark or Cold Shark.
  3. Talk to Taeng the Explorer again.
Rewards BasicReward
395,945 EXP
60 Insight EXP
Etc Broken Flashlight Broken Flashlight -1
Etc Broken Camera Broken Camera -1
Etc Ripped Note Ripped Note -1
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