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Hughes's New Experiment
NPC Muse
Category Aqua Road
  • At least Level 75
Available I heard Muse is in need of help...
In Progress For all the travelers visiting the beach, Muse requested the antidote for Poison Poopa to Hughes the Fuse. For his studies, Hughes the Fuse needs 100 Poopa Eggs and 100 Poison Poopa's Poisonous Spikess.

Etc Poopa Egg Poopa Egg #c4000158# / 100
Etc Poison Poopa's Poisonous Spikes Poison Poopa's Poisonous Spikes #c4000159# / 100
Completed I gave Hughes the Fuse all the materials needed to continue his research. I thought he was nothing but a lunatic scientist, but... Maybe not.
  1. Talk to Muse in Zoo.
  2. Obtain 100 Poopa Eggs from Poopa.
  3. Obtain 100 Poison Poopa's Poisonous Spikes from Poison Poopa.
  4. Talk to Hughes the Fuse in Orbis Tower<Hughes's Laboratory>.
Rewards BasicReward
81,912 EXP
3 Fame
Etc Poopa Egg Poopa Egg -100
Etc Poison Poopa&#039;s Poisonous Spikes Poison Poopa's Poisonous Spikes -100
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