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Ericsson Loves Cats
NPC Ericsson
Category Orbis
  • At least Level 72
Available I should go see Ericsson.
In Progress Ericsson wants to give Nero a very special gift. Ask Elma to make Lunar Wristband for Nero.
Completed I got the Lunar Wristband for Ericsson's beloved kitty, Nero.
  1. Talk to Ericsson in Orbis Park.
  2. Obtain 1 Lunar Wristband by completing A Present for Nero.
  3. Talk to Ericsson again.
Rewards BasicReward
9,215 EXP
1 Fame
Etc Lunar Wristband Lunar Wristband -1
Unlocked Quest(s) A Present for Nero (if in progress, Etc Lunar Wristband Lunar Wristband x 0)
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