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Ericsson's Reward
NPC Ericsson
Category Orbis
Available I need to look for Ericsson.
In Progress Ericsson said he'd make some Sap of Nependeath for your efforts.
Completed I got the Sap of Nependeath from Ericsson. I should take this to Elma the Housekeeper immediately!
  1. Talk to Ericsson in Orbis Park.
  2. Obtain 50 Nependeath Seeds from Nependeath.
  3. Obtain 25 Dark Nependeath Seeds from Dark Nependeath.
  4. Talk to Ericsson again.
Rewards BasicReward
19,037 EXP
Etc Sap of Nependeath Sap of Nependeath x 1
Etc Nependeath Seed Nependeath Seed -50
Etc Dark Nependeath Seed Dark Nependeath Seed -25
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