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Traces of Nick

Traces of Nick
NPC Scadur
Category El Nath
  • At least Level 115
Available I should go see Scadur the Hunter in El Nath.
In Progress Scadur has not heard from his son and wants you to find Nick's Ring. He thinks it may be in Ice Valley somewhere. It sounds like a rigorous adventure awaits you!

Tip: A rumor has it that the Piece of Statue is in Sharp Cliff II.
Completed You found a Piece of Statue on Sharp Cliff II.
  1. Talk to Scadur in El Nath. You will be teleported to Ice Valley II.
  2. Talk to Piece of Statue in Sharp Cliff II.
Rewards BasicReward
27,329 EXP
Unlocked Quest(s) Nick's Ring

Nick's Ring

Nick's Ring
NPC Piece of Statue
Piece of Statue
Category El Nath
In Progress You found a ring underneath the Piece of Statue. Someone's name is engraved on it, but you can't read the terrible inscription. Take it to Scadur to figure out whose name it is. Don't forget to fetch 80 Yeti Horn items before you visit Scadur, either.
Completed You found Nick's Ring and collected some Yeti Horns on the Sharp Cliff. When you brought them to Scadur, he gave you a cape that has been passed down from generation to generation. Not too shabby!
  1. Talk to Piece of Statue in Ice Valley II. You will be given 1 Nick's Ring.
  2. Obtain 80 Yeti Horns from Yeti, Transformed Yeti, or Separated Yeti.
  3. Talk to Scadur in El Nath.
Rewards BasicReward
491,926 EXP
40 Empathy EXP
Etc Nick's Ring Nick's Ring -1
Etc Yeti Horn Yeti Horn -80
Eqp Blue Gaia Cape Blue Gaia Cape x 1 at a 1% chance
Eqp Red Gaia Cape Red Gaia Cape x 1 at a 1% chance
Eqp White Gaia Cape White Gaia Cape x 1 at a 1% chance
Eqp Black Gaia Cape Black Gaia Cape x 1 at a 1% chance
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