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Alcaster and the Star Rock
NPC Alcaster
Category El Nath
Available I should go check up on Alcaster in El Nath soon.
In Progress Alcaster advised you to bring a Star Rock to seal the The Book of Ancient. Star Rocks can be obtained from master monsters such as Eliza, Snow Witch, and Snowman.

Etc Star RockStar Rock #c4021009#/1
Completed You brought Alcaster a Star Rock. Although Alcaster lost half of his power sealing the Ancient Book, he looked very happy.
  1. Talk to Alcaster in El Nath.
  2. Complete the quest The Book of Ancient is Back!.
  3. Obtain 1 Star Rock from Eliza or Snow Witch.
  4. Talk to Alcaster again.
Rewards BasicReward
117,226 EXP
Etc Star Rock Star Rock -1
Eqp Blue Magic Cape Blue Magic Cape x 1
Eqp Red Magic Cape Red Magic Cape x 1
Eqp White Magic Cape White Magic Cape x 1
Eqp Black Magic Cape Black Magic Cape x 1
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