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Alcaster's Cape
NPC Alcaster
Category El Nath
  • At least Level 76
Available There is an elder who is over 300 years old in El Nath, and he can make a magically-enchanted cape that blocks all coldness... An elder who is older than 300 years old? Alcaster is the only person you can think of. Go to Alcaster.
In Progress The person who gave Master Sergeant Fox the cape was indeed Alcaster. The one that Master Sergeant Fox had in his possession turned out to be the Cape of Warmness, which Alcaster made to combat the cold when he came to El Nath to research. After asking for the cape, Alcaster said he would make a new one for you if you bring him the materials.
Completed You brought all the materials back to Alcaster, and in return, he gave you Cape of Warmness, a magic-laced cape designed to combat even the toughest weather. Now you can totally hunt in El Nath!
  1. Talk to Alcaster in El Nath.
  2. Obtain 50 Jr. Yeti Skins from Jr. Yeti.
  3. Obtiain 50 Pepe Beaks from Pepe.
  4. Obtiain 50 Dark Pepe Beaks from Dark Pepe.
  5. Talk to Alcaster again.
Rewards BasicReward
106,818 EXP
Eqp Cape of Warmness Cape of Warmness x 1
Etc Jr. Yeti Skin Jr. Yeti Skin -50
Etc Pepe Beak Pepe Beak -50
Etc Dark Pepe Beak Dark Pepe Beak -50
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