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[Star Force] Alcaster's Anguish
NPC Alcaster
Category El Nath
Available Scadur suggests you to go talk to Alcaster.
In Progress Alcaster shuddered at the thought of Coolie Zombies invading. He would like you to go to Dead Mine I and get rid of Miner Zombies in the area.

Report to Scadur.
Completed Scadur seemed relieved, but the problem was extending beyond the Miner Zombies.
  1. Talk to Alcaster in El Nath. You will be teleported to Forest of Dead Trees IV.
  2. Eliminate 80 [*]Miner Zombies.
  3. Talk to Scadur in El Nath.
Rewards BasicReward
539,945 EXP
Unlocked Quest(s) [Star Force] How To Speak Hunter
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