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The Burning Lands
NPC Stands With Bulls
Stands With Bulls
Category Victoria Island
Available Stands with Bulls is looking for an explorer who can eliminate Fire Boars. You're all about eliminating, so visit him in Armor Pig Land.
In Progress Many adventurers get injured in the Burning Land. For the safety of everyone in Perion, eliminate Fire Boars Burning Heat and Ash-Covered Land.
Completed You eliminated 200 Fire Boars. This area should be a bit safer now, right?
  1. Talk to Stands With Bulls in Armor Pig Land.
  2. Eliminate 200 Fire Boars.
  3. Talk to Stands With Bulls again.
Rewards BasicReward
53,757 EXP
Eqp Mithril War Boots Mithril War Boots x 1
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