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Studious Son
NPC Chief Stan
Chief Stan
Category Victoria Island
Available Chief Stan has a favor to ask.
In Progress You have to get 20 Blue Mushroom Spores and give them to Jay at Chief Stan's House.

Tip: Blue Mushrooms can be found in Blue Mushroom Forest and Blue Mushmom Forest.
Completed You got Blue Mushroom Spores and gave them to Jay. Hopefully this will take the pressure off Mrs. Ming Ming and Chief Stan.
  1. Talk to Chief Stan in Henesys.
  2. Obtain 20 Blue Mushroom Spores from Blue Mushroom or Crying Blue Mushroom.
  3. Talk to Jay in Chief Stan's House.
Rewards BasicReward
683 EXP
Etc Blue Mushroom Spore Blue Mushroom Spore -20
Unlocked Quest(s) Runaway Brother
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